Keruing (Truck Flooring)

Keruing Truck Flooring
Keruing, also called Apitong (scientific name: Dipterocarpusspp.), has a heartwood of light-medium yellow-brown to red-brown color. Its texture is medium to coarse, luster is moderate and grain is generally straight or slightly interlocked.

Keruing is commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is rated as moderately durable with poor-moderate resistance to insect attack.

Janka Hardness :

6,170 N(1,390 lbf)

Average Dried Weight :

745 kg/m3(46 lbs/ft3)

Workability :

Good results can be achieved with either hand tools or machine tools. Lumber pieces containing silica can dull cutting tools. Resin from the wood can build up on tools and make finishing difficult. A large movement in service.


Pricing / Availability

Keruing wood is not found too commonly in domestic markets with it generally being available in the form of lumber and flooring planks. It is a moderately priced wood type, especially considering that it is imported.



It is listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN since it has lost more than 80% of its population in the last three generations due to a combination of factors such as human exploitation and a natural decline in its range. It is, however, not listed in the CITES Appendices.


Common Uses

Used mostly for flooring purposes, it is often also used for flooring purposes, to build decks of trailers, and as utility lumber.

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