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Tropical always moves ahead in order to remain a socially fair company and environmentally friendly.

As awareness of climate and environment issues increases and consumption habits change, new opportunities are opening up for the forest industry and wood construction to develop functional green solutions to meet consumers’ needs. Wood is a versatile raw material and the only renewable construction material. The manufacture of wood products and structures consumes little energy in comparison to similar products and structures made of other materials.



Production of wood results in few greenhouse gas emissions, in which the main emission source is the energy used in wood processing. The energy-saving requirements of the industry in wood processing can be met with the use of wood residue, which provides more energy savings compared to the use of fossil fuel-based energy. On the other hand, the production of most competitor materials results in high greenhouse emissions.
Sustainable Forestry

Our Response

The major objective of the Tropical is to explore ways to reduce the environmental impacts of timber products, from sawmills to final products.

Environmental impacts

Including the identification of major sources and mechanisms of environmental impacts from timber products and manufacturing as well as identifying the potential ways to minimize these environmental impacts.

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FSC® Certification

Tropical Forest Products is committed to promoting sustainable forestry, sourcing only legally harvested lumber.

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