Tropical Forest Products

was founded with the belief that acquiring lumber of superior quality should be easy and ethical. Our team is made up of passionate people who love everything about forests and their survival. Our four guiding principles are meeting every client’s need with quality lumber, delivering products on time, commiting to client service, and the best prices on the market.


We travel the world to acquire the most amazing wood species nature has to offer, sourcing lumber from North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. More than 50 species are ready to ship at any time.

We offer the highest lumber grades of exotic and domestic woods. This includes many hardwoods, as well as select softwood species such as western red cedar, Douglas fir, and eastern white pine.

We propose other grades to select projects upon request. From rough sawn or milled lumber to flooring, decking, cladding systems, paneling, timbers, guardrail, architectural millwork, wood components, or anything else related to wood that you can think of, we have you covered.

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