Zebra Wood

Zebra Wood

Zebra Wood, also called Zebrano(scientific name: Microberliniabrazzavillensis), has a heartwood of light brown to cream color with dark black-brown streaks, which resemble a zebra’s stripes. Its texture is coarse and open pores, and grain is generally wavy or interlocked.

Quarter cut/sawn lumber has mostly uniform stripes. Flat cut/sawn lumber has wavy stripes.

Zebra Wood is commonly found in west Africa. It is rated durable and resistant to insect attack.

Janka Hardness :

8,160 N(1,830 lbf)

Average Dried Weight :

805 kg/m3(50 lbs/ft3)

Workability :

It is good for sawing but very difficult to plane or surface because of interlocking grain. Tear-out is also common. It is good with glues and finishes well. A pore filter may be required to resolve large open pores on light and dark surfaces.


Pricing / Availability

This type of wood is quite expensive, however, it still pales in comparison to the eye-watering prices of Ebony wood and Rosewood.



Zebrawood is listed in the IUCN’s Red List as ‘vulnerable’ because of a one-fifth decrease in its population in just the last 3 generations brought about by human exploitation and a natural decline in its range. It is, however, not listed in the CITES Appendices.


Common Uses

Quarter-sawn Zebrawood is often used as veneer whereas Zebrawood is normally used for manufacturing boats, furniture, skis, and tool handles.

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