Maintaining Black Label® Design

Black Label®’s strength and hardness makes it one of the easiest decking materials to maintain.


Black Label® boards have a natural finish and are ready to be sanded lightly after installation. Use a 5” electric palm sander with #80 grit sandpaper to remove installation and transportation scratches. Sand the deck lightly, while paying attention to visible imperfections. Blow or sweep the dust off, and a coat of exterior hardwood oil for decking can be applied.

Note: Wear protective gear to prevent dust inhalation and injuries from woodworking (including while cutting and sanding). It is highly advisable to wear gloves, a dust mask, and protective eyewear.


Annual maintenance is sufficient to keep your deck looking great, while bi-annual maintenance can yield even better results. The best seasons for that are springtime and just before autumn. This is important if you want to retain the rich red-brown color of Black Label® decking for longer instead of letting it acquire a silvery overtone.

Getting the right results is all about preparing the surface of the deck. Following regular annual maintenance also reduces the amount of work required. A light sanding with #80 grit sanding paper with an orbital palm sander is sufficient. Remove the dust that has accumulated, and the wood is ready to re-oil.

If maintenance is not performed for a long time and the wood has become grey, pressure wash it and let it dry for a couple of days. Sand lightly to remove grey spots and oil afterward.


Black Label® decking does not require any regular maintenance and can be left to acquire its natural color. The UV rays in the sun will change the deck’s color to a silver patina which can be left as-is for as long as needed. To bring back the original color, simply pressure wash the decking.

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